Sunday, May 10, 2009

lookin' through the E Y E S

hi!! i just feel to write something.. i need to spill this thing out of my system.. They have said that the eyes are the mirror of one's soul. So here is the purpose of this post--the compliments I get from the people that I considered very close to my heart.. I'm completely flattered about this:

She was rather short, with eyes that were eloquent and passionate at times and seemingly candid at others, rosy-cheeked, with an enchanting and inciting provocative smile that revealed a very beautiful soul and the air of a bubble gum girl; her entire self diffused a mysterious charm.. endangered angel indeed!!
------------by Arne, a friend of mine
I'm staring at a picture of a girl, as I look into her sweet and innocent face, her eyes are the most magnetic and tantalizing. It sucks me deeper and deeper..
As I journey through her eyes I stop in a moment in time.
She's perfect in every way, a sense that every part of her is beautiful; her body, smell, voice, touch and her stare is what I crave as I stare at her picture, in a picture I only could look. This girl has the power to stop a moment in time...
------------by franz, someone special..

How's that? I wonder how my eyes captured their attention?? tsk,,tsk,. i must be lucky then!!
Anyways, they have touched my heart in every way possible.(emotions in a whirlwind)..
They have pulled my heartstrings once again..
They are absolutely my real friends and I feel very special to them..hehe.. i guess..

There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect.
---G.K. Chesterton.
this quote really proves it all...


  1. it's soo nice to know that someone knows every detail of you..

  2. joram... franz is so sweet <3

    "This girl has the power to stop a moment in time..." <3

  3. he was sober at that time when he sent that message to me, may 10,'09..

    he's not that ideal dreamy and sweet kind of guy.. but this one melts me like the sun does the snow..

  4. i'm sorry to put this in a comment, for you don't have a chat box. please remove from your blog list. i already deleted that blog. thanks!