Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10:29am, May 16, 1990

       Here is a gift I received from the davids (David Cook and David!! meet David,aka. baby dav..hehe

Since May 11-Monday, my classmates already made a countdown to the "DaY"..
Everyday they would shower these words unto my face, "HappY BirThday!, (touched ako tuloy..)
wonder why did they do that? (Birthday ko bah araw2?)hehe.. Anyways, they reminded me that im growing old.

On the same day,19 years ago-- May 16, 1990 at 10:29 am, my mother had an early present. My existence has made a difference to their lives(to my family..=] ). I have walked a life with crooked roads; full of struggles, hardships, griefs, and sorrows (who doesn't? eh?) but above all I feel blessed to catch a glimpse of heaven because of my family and friends who always stick around through thick and thin.. 

Before I close the day, lemme share with you an update of my happenstance as of today:

5:00am -woke up 
5:30am -went to a shrine in Monte Cueva "little cave" with the whole accountancy students
6:30am -attend a mass in Monte Cueva for it's my birthday, to thank God for His incessant blessings and offered prayers for support for those who are taking board exams.
8:00am -i'm walking home with my classmates
8:30am -my classmates surprised me about something i didn't expect. They made a video about me with dedications. "OUR MODERN CINDERELLA" oohh..
8:40am -high spirited! went to a restaurant, treat my friends... plus ice cream! that sure was fun!!
9:30am -went home and watched the video they made for the second time..
10am- 12noon -greetings received in busy replying greetings on mail and text.
12noon - ate lunch
1:00pm -plurking, updating friendster account, facebook, hi5, tagged..
1:30pm -took a nap
4-up to now - nothing much happened.. responding some greetings, texting, watching boys over flowers, food  trip, etc.. etcetera..

There wasn't a grand party, no lights, no ball gowns, nor a romeo who came.. = (  (like the love story song.. )
But, today I feel loved. My Friends and my family made my day special!! a total emotion-whirlwind, it knocks me off my feet...with mixed emotions that I couldn't fathom but I feel it.. I feel very human.. very ectstatic, i cried, i was overwhelmed and touched. It's too bad to end the day so soon, but i collected the exquisite moments and keep it in my heart.. *Thank you guys for sharing it with me*..
This place is a universe of silence.. lots of surprises that God brought this day and i’m so thankful for it.. :D

Im officially 19, another turn of life... when im still younger I used to think that persons above 18 are fully grown woman.. but when i look myself on a mirror, Im still the joram, quoted by froilan " You're not growing older but getting better".. It's sweet to hear it from a dear friend of mine.. :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

lookin' through the E Y E S

hi!! i just feel to write something.. i need to spill this thing out of my system.. They have said that the eyes are the mirror of one's soul. So here is the purpose of this post--the compliments I get from the people that I considered very close to my heart.. I'm completely flattered about this:

She was rather short, with eyes that were eloquent and passionate at times and seemingly candid at others, rosy-cheeked, with an enchanting and inciting provocative smile that revealed a very beautiful soul and the air of a bubble gum girl; her entire self diffused a mysterious charm.. endangered angel indeed!!
------------by Arne, a friend of mine
I'm staring at a picture of a girl, as I look into her sweet and innocent face, her eyes are the most magnetic and tantalizing. It sucks me deeper and deeper..
As I journey through her eyes I stop in a moment in time.
She's perfect in every way, a sense that every part of her is beautiful; her body, smell, voice, touch and her stare is what I crave as I stare at her picture, in a picture I only could look. This girl has the power to stop a moment in time...
------------by franz, someone special..

How's that? I wonder how my eyes captured their attention?? tsk,,tsk,. i must be lucky then!!
Anyways, they have touched my heart in every way possible.(emotions in a whirlwind)..
They have pulled my heartstrings once again..
They are absolutely my real friends and I feel very special to them..hehe.. i guess..

There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect.
---G.K. Chesterton.
this quote really proves it all...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ora et Labora

Today is the day after the international celebration of the Labor Day.
Anyway, my post is supposedly about yesterday and the damn internet connection was very low. There was a typhoon then. It was raining cats and dogs even now it is still wet. tsk.tsk.. I still have a birthday party to attend to.. Hmp! :(

Well, i wanna share the events that had occur for the past three days, that would be April 29,30 and May 1.

April 29 & 30---- Since I am taking summer classes, examination is a big issue and the crisis of the life of a student --MIDTERM EXAM made us shiver once more. Some of us are ready to exert the tedious effort of studying 'til dawn, while some of us just choose to study a bit and depend on luck. Studying is really one of the things that student tends to dislike, even I myself would admit it..hehehe.. Plus the misery of the sophisticated teachers and the way or the styles of their teaching doubled up the bitterness... ugh! However, this has been part and parcel of student life. The good news and partially a bad news is, I got 89/100 item of the Accounting 6a Exam. It's way better than to have a bad score. But I'm not satisfied 'coz I almost ace it if I'm more careful in writing my answers. I'm so clumsy and reckless, and careless!!! arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

May 1----- I thought this day would be a holiday or rest day for all of us. But here in my school, we have an Accounting Quiz Bowl.. sounds great? not!!!!!! Gosh! It gave me a headache since I'm the Program Committee Chairman, i should make a program for that activity to make it more exciting and fun.. Luck shines upon me, the said activity was a thumbs-up! It went well and filled with fun! Some teachers came over too! There was a vocal solo ,as an intermission number in the quiz bowl. There should be two contestants for each year level representing the two competing teams the BALANCE SHEET and the INCOME STATEMENT. As can be expected, each accountancy student ellicited that spirit of competition. I'm so glad that my team crowns as the overall winner of this activity.. yea! ^-^
The said activity only consumed the whole morning and after that we went home for lunch and somehow took a nap. Though it was a short activity, for my part, it has been a fun-filled day with our own "esprit de corps"

Goethe once said, " It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed!
Indeed, such 3-days experience was not that grand but worth of lessons. It's also a leap of faith; with all that constant praying and asking for God's favor and wisdom makes things right that i wanted it to be. Yes, "ora et labora"!-- Pray and work is all we got to do for a successful life. Do everything what we could muster and lift it up all to Him for His glory and in His matchless name. Amen.