Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10:29am, May 16, 1990

       Here is a gift I received from the davids (David Cook and David!! meet David,aka. baby dav..hehe

Since May 11-Monday, my classmates already made a countdown to the "DaY"..
Everyday they would shower these words unto my face, "HappY BirThday!, (touched ako tuloy..)
wonder why did they do that? (Birthday ko bah araw2?)hehe.. Anyways, they reminded me that im growing old.

On the same day,19 years ago-- May 16, 1990 at 10:29 am, my mother had an early present. My existence has made a difference to their lives(to my family..=] ). I have walked a life with crooked roads; full of struggles, hardships, griefs, and sorrows (who doesn't? eh?) but above all I feel blessed to catch a glimpse of heaven because of my family and friends who always stick around through thick and thin.. 

Before I close the day, lemme share with you an update of my happenstance as of today:

5:00am -woke up 
5:30am -went to a shrine in Monte Cueva "little cave" with the whole accountancy students
6:30am -attend a mass in Monte Cueva for it's my birthday, to thank God for His incessant blessings and offered prayers for support for those who are taking board exams.
8:00am -i'm walking home with my classmates
8:30am -my classmates surprised me about something i didn't expect. They made a video about me with dedications. "OUR MODERN CINDERELLA" oohh..
8:40am -high spirited! went to a restaurant, treat my friends... plus ice cream! that sure was fun!!
9:30am -went home and watched the video they made for the second time..
10am- 12noon -greetings received in busy replying greetings on mail and text.
12noon - ate lunch
1:00pm -plurking, updating friendster account, facebook, hi5, tagged..
1:30pm -took a nap
4-up to now - nothing much happened.. responding some greetings, texting, watching boys over flowers, food  trip, etc.. etcetera..

There wasn't a grand party, no lights, no ball gowns, nor a romeo who came.. = (  (like the love story song.. )
But, today I feel loved. My Friends and my family made my day special!! a total emotion-whirlwind, it knocks me off my feet...with mixed emotions that I couldn't fathom but I feel it.. I feel very human.. very ectstatic, i cried, i was overwhelmed and touched. It's too bad to end the day so soon, but i collected the exquisite moments and keep it in my heart.. *Thank you guys for sharing it with me*..
This place is a universe of silence.. lots of surprises that God brought this day and i’m so thankful for it.. :D

Im officially 19, another turn of life... when im still younger I used to think that persons above 18 are fully grown woman.. but when i look myself on a mirror, Im still the joram, quoted by froilan " You're not growing older but getting better".. It's sweet to hear it from a dear friend of mine.. :D

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