Friday, April 24, 2009

WhEn tHE SpaRks EnD

When The Sparks End

Letting the best way...
Love is never selfish as what they say,
All you can do is to open you heart.

Let him be free to look for another start.

Don't hold on for the happy moments in the past
Always remember, it can never last.
Just thanks him for being a part of you once,
Not easy but you'll have to take a chance.

Don't look back; it can hinder your sight,
Learn to accept that "reality bites".
Don't blame yourself, it can make you blue.
Remember, he also lost a LOVE that was pure and true.

It's never easy to let go.
Cry if you want but there's nothing you can do.
Tell him that you're willing to be mere friends again.
And leave the past behind, when his sparks end.

In a piece of yellowpad paper, I saw this poem in my old file case where i keep many significant things that I only understood; like souvenirs, remembrance, certificates, treasures, etc..and i unexpectedly found this one! :-) I don't know who created this poem, but what i remember from the stickiness of my thought is I copied this from the hand-out that my computer teacher gave, way back 3 years ago.. Good thing i keep it for it is another treasure to preserve..

The poem generally conveys the art of letting's really hard to do it than saying, but that's the least thing we can do. Life must go on, besides time will heal everything. I swear!
I've been through this, i know where it leads and where it ends. I know it hurts to no longer be loved by the one who used to love you. I know it is hard to be dumped by the one who cares you like a precious gem and worship you like a princess.
Then suddenly like a gush of wind it's over. It's over before it ended.
It is difficult to accept and fathom the despicable fact.
The fact that nobody wants to get into and burst like a heated teapot.
But, it’s time to face up the cold hard facts.It's time to start picking up the pieces of your life.
It's time to break free and stop hoping that "he" would come back and ask for your love again.
It's time to be happy and to love and be loved again from someone who don't leave you for good.
Why dwell and believe from someone's promises of affection
when you can find love in its splendor from another man?
We all deserve to be happy, to love and be loved again.
However, some of us want to shift into an easier way of accepting the truth to escape from the painful reality.
But as young lovers, the luxury of easiness isn't for us.
We have to endure the heavy loads of pain and bitterness because there we can learn from the hell of it.
So let this one go.. Let go..until his sparks end.=]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just an ordinary summer..

Here comes summer '09.. 

The same ol' ordinary summer,where the rays of the sun are steadily pointing at us,causing us to perspire and burn at such constant heat.. just an exaggeration..
i just wanna share the bittersweet days before the dreadful start of my summer class..

First, the birth of my own blog site. 
This is my very first post on the list (on this site..hehe). I have some other blogs on friendster also. Actually, my dearest friend- AIMEE, introduced this blogger site to me and indeed, i'm hooked on it. yea, yea, yea. I've enjoyed reading her blogs and with the others too.. Then I finally decided to make my own blog site to formally share my thoughts, feelings,and  sentiments--simply my journal from papers to online, where everybody can read and write some comments. It's pretty nice though.. =] and exciting!

Second, the undying major exam on managerial accounting. 
Can you imagine we haven't yet taken our final exam on that subject?! Then our grades wouldn't be released because of that. One more thing, my 4 week vacation was undeniably interrupted by that.  I have to study the whole big-thick-book because that's our coverage for the exam next week, April 14. ganda noh? tsk tsk tsk.

Third, financially down.. no allowance!!!!hehe..  meaning, i have to stay most of my time in the house. boring...

Fourth, next week marks the tiresome summer class.  
My awful schedule is 8:00am- 11:40am Accounting 6, 6:50pm-8:40pm Accounting 12.  We are required to take summer class. Looking at it makes me sick. However, out from the bad schedule there is still good in it, 6 hours vacant in the afternoon!!yea..i can have my nap.. good for me because i have to wake up early. 

Fifth,the thrill of moving one step forward--ima fourth year student next school year!!
The turn of another new chapter of life. I somehow feel the pinch of anxiety. Another nerve-cracking situations where im going to be thrown again into a pit of despair after a tensionful state of three years of academic pressures.
Lastly, the sunny side of the coin, I've enjoyed every bit of my leisure time despite the bitter thought of the pending exam.hehe.. i'm happy going out with my friends..strolling along the seashore, reading with pleasure,
unlimited texting, biking around the small city of Maasin, going to school for some reasons like the enhancement activity of the 2nd year accountancy for their qualifying exam.. "ate" ako glad they've learned from us and we had helped them..

i had also fun to go swimming, to watch movies, to have quality time with my paramour, to watch the sunset, to sleep late and to wake up late,..whoohoo!!..XD not to mention the timeless surfing of the net till dawn,..haha   

Summer is only starting!!
im still looking forward for more fun and excitements!! im also glad that i have summer class, it's good to have something to do than nothing. it's like letting the days passed and not making it worth living..